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 Please note: our COVID testing clinic and COVID vaccination clinic are no longer operating. For COVID tests, please contact the clinic at Lister House, Baillie Street, Horsham.



Are you still unsure about vaccinations and about COVID-19 in general?

Wimmera Health Care Group is releasing a short series of videos to help provide you with the answers to the questions you are commonly asking.

The series features Dr Rob Grenfell, head of CSIRO’s Health and Biosecurity department, a role he has held for the past six years. Dr Grenfell was a GP in Horsham for many years and now works as a public health physician. He’s had a longstanding interest in pandemics and he’s keen to make sure people have a greater understanding of the COVID story.

We encourage anyone who has been hesitating to get vaccinated to take this opportunity to get an expert response to their frequently asked questions about how the vaccine might affect their health, so they can make an informed decision.

Video 1 – 1min 55sec - Dr Grenfell talks about the risks in winter of Covid and the flu.

Video 2 - 2min 34sec - Dr Grenfell explains the 'fast' production of the vaccines.

Video 3 - 2min 30sec - Dr Grenfell provides qualified information on the two vaccines currently available.

Video 4 - 2min 18sec - Dr Rob Grenfell queries 'anti-vaxer' sentiment and herd immunity likelihood.

Video 5 - 2min 41sec - Dr Grenfell talks about the severe risks of getting COVID-19. 

Video 6 - 3min 31sec - Dr Grenfell explains the importance of vaccinating, even if you have already had COVID-19.

Video 7 - 3min 37sec - Dr Grenfell allays the concerns for those planning to start a family and needing a vaccination.

Video 8 - 3min 05sec - Dr Grenfell has a special message for the Wimmera community. 

Video 9 -  4min 28sec - In the final part of the COVID CORRECTIONS series, Dr Rob Grenfell talks about how the future will look once we are vaccinated.



Frequently Asked COVID Questions
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Current Covid-19 Information and Support Contacts
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We have been supporting our Karen community with translated material relating to Covid-19 advice.
Click here for the DHHS page with translations for every nationality represented in Australia. If you know anyone in your community who needs support with translations, please provide them this link:

Korean Covid-19 Testing Fact Sheet
Karen Hotline
Karen Coronavirus mental well-being support
Karen Covid Information
Karen Power of Humanity
Karen Covid Basic Information


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