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Find out if you are elgible to receive the covid vaccine here: Elgibility Guidance for State Vaccine Clinics

Evidence of Eligibility:  This document provides guidance on the types of evidence that can be used to prove eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccine.


Please be aware you may have to wait in line for testing and please be kind to each other and to our testing team.Visitor Restrictions 28521Covid Clinic 9 12pm 

Cloth Masks Free to Public
Current Covid-19 Information and Support Contacts
Department of Health and Human Services
Coronavirus HOTLINE - 1800 675 398
Frequently Asked COVID Questions
Covid-19 Support Contacts
Rural Support and Assistance Contacts
Family Violence during COVID 19 - Support and Information 
Covid Testing for Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery


We have been supporting our Karen community with translated material relating to Covid-19 advice.
Click here for the DHHS page with translations for every nationality represented in Australia. If you know anyone in your community who needs support with translations, please provide them this link: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/translated-resources-coronavirus-disease-covid-19

Korean Covid-19 Testing Fact Sheet
Karen Hotline
Karen Coronavirus mental well-being support
Karen Covid Information
Karen Power of Humanity
Karen Covid Basic Information


Victorian schools employees (asymptomatic only)

Covid Clinic Form


Covid Patient Thankful to WHCG
Tour of Horsham's Covid-19 Assessment Clinic
WHCG Shower Block
Travel Leaster This Easter
Stay At Home For Us So We Can Go to Work For You
Brief Tour of the Covid-19 Assessment Clinic
Covid Conversation with Dr John Christie #4
Covid Conversation with Dr John Christie #3
Covid Conversation with Dr John Christie #2
Covid Conversation with Dr John Christie #1

Media Releases

Ready to Vaccinate Eligible Community Members
Clinic Prepares for Day 11 Surge
Covid Testing Spike
Victoria Advised Not to Travel to Sydney
Testing Time for Clinic Team
Stop the Panic

ED Waiting Area Extends
Community Support Appreciated
Linen Team Diversifies
Covid Patient Thankful for Support
WHCG Calls for Kindness to Covid-19 Cases
Bolstering Workforce
Stolen Masks
Pizza Donation
Welcome Officers
Hospital Closes to Public
WHCG Opens Covid-19 Clinic
Wash Your Hands

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