Wimmera Health Care Group is committed to the health purchasing policies issued by Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) that became mandatory by June 2016. More information on procurement reform, including a link to the HPV Supply team 2018policies and guidelines can be found on the HPV website.

In line with the strategic plan, Wimmera Health Care Group has described how it will build relationships for a sustained future. We are looking to develop long term partnerships with suppliers that are adaptable, innovative and who take accountability to help deliver real and lasting value.

Supplier Engagement Plan Guidelines documents the process, systems and communication that Wimmera Health Care Group uses to ensure the highest levels of probity and accountability in all our dealings with all our suppliers.

Supplier Complaints Management Guidelines outlines the procedure that Wimmera Health Care Group uses to respond to a procurement activity or process complaint. For all non-procurement complaints please see our Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints section in Patient Information.

Procurement Activity Plan 2023-2024 provides suppliers with an indication of likely sourcing activities for both construction and goods/services for the Wimmera Health Care Group for the next 12 to 36 months. (Please note that these are indications only, and that no guarantee to procure is given or intended). 

Gifts Benefits & Hospitality in Procurement Policy is for employees engaged in procurement. Activities shall be conducted, at all times, ethically and with integrity in accordance with the organisation’s Code of Conduct, Financial Code of Practice and related policies and guidelines so as to promote public confidence in the integrity of our procurement processes.
Employees engaged in procurement must not accept gifts, benefits or hospitality from suppliers or their representatives or from organisations, firms or individuals with whom they have official dealings. Corporate sponsorship when there is demonstrable benefit to the organisation, a campus or a department, may be accepted by approval of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) only. Sponsorship must in no way influence procurement.

Other available resources include:

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) contact details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 03 5381 9200