Service Contact Details

83 Baillie Street Horsham, Vic, 3400

Tel: 03 5381 9195

Service Description

Residential in Reach aims to prevent unnecessary hospital presentations and admissions by people living in a Residential Aged Care Facility. The service works in partnership with the residents GP and the Aged Care Facility Staff to assess and care for Aged Care Residents where they live.

Additional Information

The service operates Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.


The service is free.

Area Serviced

Aged Care Facilities in Horsham and Dimboola.


Any person living in an Aged Care Facility

A referral to the service can be made by:

  • The Resident
  • Nursing Staff
  • Residents GP
  • Residents Family
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Hospital Staff