Service Contact Details

83 Baillie St,  Horsham,  Vic,  3400

Tel: 03 5381 9111     Fax: 03 5381 9074


Service Description / Overview

The Emergency Department of the Wimmera Health Care Group is available for emergencies arising from accident or illness. Services are available 24 hours - 7 days a week.

If your matter is not an emergency please consider booking an appointment with your general practitioner before attending the Emergency Department.


Additional Information


Not all Emergency Department attendances allow for planning, such as accidents and emergencies, when people are away from home or arrive by ambulance.

If you do have an opportunity to bring items, think about current medication.

If parents are bringing in a baby, it is very useful to have their baby book from the Maternal and Child Health Nurses as well as any feeders, nappies and wipes.

We advise parents to bring toys or books for children.

If you do bring snacks and a drink, please check with nursing staff if the child is allowed to drink or eat before giving it.

Information will not be provided over the phone and having a contact person to relay information back to, instead of having large numbers of people in the waiting room or calling for information is encouraged.



No charge for Emergency Department presentations, however there may be a charge for any medications/ aids or splints.

There are fees for an emergency presentation if the patient is from overseas and does not have reciprocal rights.