Service Contact Details

Please contact the Complex Care team for further information.

83 Baillie Street   Horsham   Vic   3400

Ph: 03 5381 9022

Fax: 03 53 819 038

Service Description/Overview

  • The Complex Care program is a community based program which provides care coordination and support for people with complex health concerns who frequently use hospitals and would benefit from community support. This may include people with health conditions that include diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, persistent pain, psychosocial and aged care needs. People with psychosocial needs can include depression, anxiety, homelessness, financial insecurity and mental and physical disabilities.

This is a community based program that:

  • Provides information and support to people with multiple health conditions in the community.
  • Helps to guide people through health services.
  • Delivers ongoing support for people following discharge from hospital.
  • Assists people to better understand their health problems and treatment.

 The aim of the program is to

assist people to Understand your health issues.

  • Manage your health at home and avoid admission to hospital.
  • Talk with your family, doctor and other medical specialists.
  • Find ways to improve your health.
  • Link you with other services.


No fee required

Area Serviced

Hindmarsh Shire
Horsham City Rural Shire
West Wimmera Shire
Yarriambiack Shire


People can self-refer or be referred through their GP or other Health Professional.