The kindness of a philanthropic mystery man has brought a Horsham nurse to tears.

Grampians Health district nurse Lucy Spasic fuelled up her work car at a Horsham petrol station on the weekend. After filling up Lucy went inside to pay but the cashier told her that another man had already paid for her petrol.

Lucy went looking for the man to thank him but as she made her way outside, he drove off in his Ford Focus. Lucy said the generosity of the man brought her to tears.

“The cashier told me the man only got $10 worth of fuel for his own car but paid for mine to be filled,” Lucy said.

“I was so touched by his generosity that I just started crying and I still nearly cry every time I talk about it.

“I just want to get this message out to the community, so he knows how much I appreciated what he did.

“For us nurses our workload has been so overwhelming at times and particularly in the last few weeks. I have so many colleagues that are doing it hard and to know that there are people in the community like our petrol guy, makes me feel blessed and proud of what we do,” she said.

Grampians Health leading executive officer at Horsham and Dimboola Catherine Morley said the great majority of the Wimmera community had shown kindness and understanding toward health care workers as COVID cases intensified.

“So many people are genuinely concerned about our team and the mystery petrol guy is a great example of the love from the community,” Ms Morley said.

“It makes up for the few who might not be stopping to consider the position of others before they attack frontline workers verbally or physically.”


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