Wimmera women looking for information on contraception, sexual health and pregnancy options now have access to a new resource, 1800 MyOptions.

Wimmera Health Care Group’s women’s sexual health nurse, Sharyn Cook said the new phone and online resource was created after research into unplanned pregnancy and discussions with general practitioners (GPs).

“The research found some rural GPs were unaware of where to refer women so this government website and phone service was created,” Ms Cook said.

“If women log on or call they can find information about what services are in their area or surrounding areas. Those services might have information about pregnancy and contraception options and sexual health.”

Ms Cook said she wanted to get word out in the community about the 1800 MyOptions service.

“I am referring people to this service now and I want local health professionals to be aware of it as well,” she said.

“It is really important for rural areas because we don’t have the large number of choices that metropolitan people have, so to have this information in one place is very useful.”

People can call 1800 MyOptions (1800 696 784) or go to www.1800myoptions.org.au for more information.

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