Service Contact Details

Please contact the Community Rehabilitation Centre via Arapiles Reception for further information.

Arapiles Building

83 Baillie Street   Horsham   Vic   3400

Ph: 03 5381 9333

Fax: 03 5381 9330

Service Description/Overview

Falls Clinic

The Falls Clinic assesses people who are at risk of falls, with the aim of preventing them in the future.

The clinic is overseen by a Geriatrician from Ballarat Health Services. People who attend the clinic will have an assessment with a Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Podiatrist. The Falls Clinic team, will then make recommendations to help the person meet their goals and prevent falls.

Gait and Balance classes

As part of these recommendations, people may be offered the option of attending the Gait and Balance class. Gait and balance is a group exercise and education program to assist in the prevention of falls for people with walking and balance problems.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of falling by:

  • improving balance
  • improving muscle strength and flexibility
  • providing education about what can increase your risk of falls
  • increasing physical activity
  • improving your confidence
  • raising the awareness of safety hazards at home and in the community.

Additional Information

Participants attend the group twice a week, on a Wednesday and Friday. This includes an hour exercise session on both days that is individually tailored to the person, and an education session on the Friday.


No fee required

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People can self-refer or be referred through their GP or other Health Professional.