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Community Options is a community based program provided by Wimmera Health Care Group that includes a range of adaptable services and care options that can assist people and their carers to live independently in their own homes. The program provides support to those who are frail or older people, people with chronic illness, people who are palliative, people with mental health conditions, and people with dementia and their carers.

An assessment of each person's needs is required to determine eligibility. Community Options provides case management, co-ordination and provision for services in the home. These services are coordinated and tailored to meet individual and carer needs.

Community Options believes that people, irrespective of age, have the right to choose to remain at home as long as possible, supported by a range of integrated and flexible services that promote their independence and dignity, and contribute to their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Community Options supports you to link into the services and supports that you need. Community Options is funded to deliver the following programs under Commonwealth and Department of Health & Human Services:

Community Options Brochure

Carer Respite Services: Provides a single point of contact for carers needing information about respite and other resources to support them in their caring role. With the assistance of a Carer Respite Co-ordinator the program is able to assist with emergency, short term and occasional respite. The respite services are person centred and benefit both the carer and the person being cared for.

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP): Is entry level co-ordinated services for frail older people who need assistance with daily tasks, but are still able to live independently at home and don’t yet need high level support. The program supports individuals and is also an initiative to assist carers to take a break from their usual caring roles.

CHSP supports frail older people over the age of 65yrs (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) who need assistance with daily living to remain independently at home and in the community, also providing support to carers by providing planned respite services.

Carer Relationships and Carer Support Assists Carers with:

Flexible Respite

In home day respite: This program can assist with home care, personal care, gardening or in home respite care.

In home overnight respite: Occasional overnight support service for carers or clients in their own home.

Community access individual: Provides 1:1 support to give clients a social experience to maintain independent living and social interaction offering respite for the care. An example could be shopping assistance.

Other planned respite: Innovative types of services and support to carers and clients. This may include support groups, carer education and activities.


Cottage Respite

Overnight community respite: BARKUMA overnight respite offers low level respite in a cottage style facility. Accessing Barkuma overnight respite will require a face to face assessment by Community Options Barkuma Coordinator.


Centre-Based Respite

Community access group: Community access group provides small group day outings to give clients a social experience and offer respite to their carers. There are 3 activity groups that operate from Barkuma and they are called Happy Wanderers, Mens Shed and Ladies Group.

Please click on Barkuma Respite Services for details relating to Cottage and Centre based Respite Care Information.


Community and Home Support

  • Transport: e.g. Attending appointments and activities
  • Domestic assistance: e.g. Help with house Cleaning and washing clothes
  • Personal care: e.g. Help with showering or dressing
  • Home maintenance: e.g. Changing light bulbs, gardening
  • Home modifications e.g. Having grab rails installed
  • Meals: e.g. Food preparation, nutrition advice, cooking skills
  • Nursing: e.g. Managing medications
  • Allied Health: e.g. Podiatry Physio, occupational therapy
  • Social Support: e.g. Accompanied activities, group excursions
  • Respite: e.g. Care in the home while your carer has a break  
  • Counselling: For clients and carers.


Home Care Packages: Home Care Packages are for older people who want to stay living in their own community. These packages of care are designed about giving choice and flexibility to meet people’s individual needs in their home. Together with your case manager, your care needs and services are coordinated to assist you to remain living, active and independent in your community.

Where the Commonwealths Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides entry level, the Home Care Package Programme allows a more comprehensive and tailored range of care and services for older people aged over 65 with higher level care needs.

The type of services available are: care coordination and case management. Help with washing, ironing, house cleaning, gardening, basic home maintenance, home modifications related to your care needs and transport to help you with shopping, visiting your doctor or attending social outings and activities. Personal care, such as help with showering or bathing. Nursing and allied health and other clinical services: such as hearing and vision services.

There are 4 levels of home care packages which can give you the level of care and services you need. Community Options provides support for all levels of Home Care Packages.

  • Level 1: Supports people with basic care needs
  • Level 2: Supports people with low-level care needs
  • Level 3: Supports people intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: Supports people with high level care needs.

See our Home Care Packages for examples of pricing.
Home Care Package - Level 1
Home Care Package - Level 2
Home Care Package - Level 3
Home Care Package - Level 4

See our Community Options brochure for more information.

Or alternatively you can make enquires through My Aged Care - call 1800 200 422 or .


Community Options consumers are expected to contribute to the cost of their care, if your personal circumstances allow. The Australian Government subsidises a range of services. Any fees and eligibility for subsidies will be discussed and agreed upon with you before you receive the relevant services.

If you believe you would face financial hardship in paying the required fees you can ask to be considered for financial hardship assistance. Each case is considered on an individual basis and no Community Option consumer will be denied a service due to their inability to pay.


Community Options welcomes enquiries and incoming referrals to the service. Referrals may come from individuals, carers, health professionals, family members or friends. All referrals relating to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Home Care Packages need to be made through MY AGED CARE.

If you would like help to access services from Community Options at Wimmera Health Care Group or to access My Aged Care please contact Intake Staff at Community Options Ph. 5381 9336 Mon-Fri 8.30am -5.00pm

Or alternatively you can make enquires through My Aged Care -Call 1800 200 422 or .


An assessment of clients or carer needs is required to determine eligibility.


8.30am - 5pm, Mon - Fri.

AFTER HOURS SERVICE - Community Options provides 24 hour emergency support service to consumers. For enquiries or more information contact Community Options.


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